Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Saturday Morning Garage Sales

I cannot even express to you the joy Ben & I find in garage sale-ing.  Please note all of these 3 outdoor pieces together cost us $15.  They will completely do for the in-between phase we find ourselves in life right now.  And I'm happy to enjoy the early morning sun and my bible on them. 

This past week I went to many garage sales with my mom (I will explain tomorrow) and dragged home a trash bag of clothing for baby Eleanor for around $20.  One garage sale we went to had all children's clothes $0.25 a pop.  I was happy to park my pregnant butt on some strangers driveway and dig through bins of baby - 2T clothing.  Not only did I find things for myself but also for other sweet babies in my life.  It is so much fun.


go ahead, make my heart smile :)